How to Start a Business

If you are anything like me the entrepreneurial blood runs in your veins and that is what brought you to this page. You are probably cooking up some ideas for a business or have just started one and feel a little lost. I assure you I have had to do all these steps throughout my process. I learned the hard way, making mistakes, doing everything out of order, and years later seeing what was really important. I hope you can take these steps and change your life into the life of your dreams.

There is one more step I didn't include and that is because it might not apply to everyone. It can be easy when you are starting out to get carried away in fancy things like business cards, email templates, the best quality product. None of these steps are important to start a business and be successful. These are purely aesthetic and can be acquired down the line by the money that you made from your business. 

Another thing is to not drown in the comparison game. It is so easy to get on social media and compare your just starting out reel to someone's highlight reel. Also, remember people only post the good stuff on Ig and it is not always what it seems.

When you are on social media I know the algorithm can seem daunting. Nobody understands it in its entirety. The important thing is to just be consistent whether you post 5 days a week or 2 times a day. Don't get caught up in vanity metrics like comments, likes, and shares. Yeah, they help with brand visibility but the main goal is to get them from social media to your website and then become your customer.

I have so many more tips and tricks to share with you and would love to help you if you are just starting out. I will include a link to my business so that you can read more about what I do at Tidy UP and Co.


Remember to have fun with it. We spend too much of our time working for us not to enjoy what we do. Life is short, go out there and make your dreams come true.