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How to Prep for 2020

I am a huge believer in planning for the future. It's important to write your goals down and continue to check on your progress. I honestly believe before you move forward it is best to officially close out the previous year first!

What I mean by that is to go over all your success and failures. What worked and what didn't? What made you happy or sad? How much money were your bills, expenses, income and how much did you save? What goals from last year did you accomplish?

Now that you have a nice review of the previous year, take a second here to write down everything that you want. Everything? That's right every single thing you want from ice cream to a new car. Don't hold back or feel guilty for wanting these things either.

The next step is to determine the most important things you want to work towards the upcoming year. Once you know what that is write it all down. Now you should take the time to think about the steps you need to take to get there. For instance you want to lose 10 pounds this year. Okay so lets figure out what things you will need to do for that to happen. Go to the gym, exercise 5 days a week, drink lots of water, walk 8,000 steps a day, stop eating potato chips, eat more salad.

Now you have written down very specific ways to achieve these goals. You want them to be attainable so if you currently walk 3,000 steps a day, don't put your goal at 10,000 because you have more opportunity to fall short. Instead try setting your step goal at 8,000 and work towards that.

Your goals also need to be measurable so don't say I want to drink lots of water, but how much water you need to drink. Half my weight is 76 oz. which is my water goal. I know I need to fill up my favorite water bottle 5 times to reach this goal. Break all your goals down this way.

I tend to get overwhelmed and do too much if I don't have a plan written down.This is where I pick a theme I will work on each month and only focus on one thing at a time. For January I am working on writing all my blog pieces for the whole year. Before the end of the month I will have written and scheduled a whole years worth of blog pieces. Whoo Hoo!

Be intentional with your money also. What is your goal income? What are your income producing activities to get you there? How are you going to cut back on spending and how much money do you want to save? Make a plan with your money ahead of time that way when it is burning a hole in your pocket you have a plan to fall back on.

Last but not least, pick a word that embodies what you want to see more of in the coming year. Write it on everything, say it again and again. Think it over and over! You can even get a My Intent Bracelet and wear it everyday.

With following all of these steps I know you will go into the new year so much stronger and prepared. You will make break throughs and overcome many obstacles. I am so proud of you for coming this far. Congratulations... Now go rock your year!


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