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Holiday Traveling Tips

If you are traveling during the holidays whether you have kids, pets or it’s just you this blog you will not want to miss. I am going to give you all kinds holiday traveling tips, when to travel, how to pack, snacks, rest stops, and all the other things.

Let’s start with how to pack. First thing you want to do is check the weather report for where you will be traveling to. The best way to pack I have found is to pick shirts and pants that all go together and are interchangeable. Pack outfits that all go with one pair of shoes. This will really help you to not pack things you don’t actually need, which helps you to have less bags.

However you are traveling which we will talk about next I highly suggest packing some stuff for the trip itself. If you have kids this can make or break the whole trip. Games you can play in the car, movies on laptops or portable dvd players, books, coloring, and snacks are all essential. For snacks I suggest things that can be eaten with your hands but don’t make a huge mess. Also, bring some baby wipes and plastic grocery bags in the car for any clean ups. If you go to the grocery store to grab supplies and snacks the day before it ends up being a lot cheaper than a convenience store.

Next thing to consider is travel plans. Are you driving, flying, etc. I am sure I do not need to tell you about your options. I am sure you are just like those savvy people who check the time, money, dates etc. to pick the best option for your travels. There are a few apps that I use to help me out in this area. For instance: Cheap Flights, Sky Scanner, Road Trippers, Expedia, Hopper, the Dryt and Waze. These are just a few of the ones I use frequently. There are a ton for all of your needs and wants, just find a good one that works for you.

Lodging is the next step on the list. There are some new age options that you might not have considered. Airbnb is a great option to stay somewhere really nice for less money. Plus you can rent a whole house for the price of a nice hotel room. Just make sure you look up one that is certified because some people will lie about the condition of the place. You could travel across many states only staying at camp grounds that have showers, rent a RV and find a place with a hook-up, if nature is more your thing. There are always hotels and friends houses also. If you are looking for a more romantic homey feel you could always look for a bed and breakfast.

If you are going to be traveling near Christmas time, I highly recommend doing it on Christmas Day. There is nobody out in the world. Everyone is at home with family, all the shops are closed. I would like to tell you to download an app that has open restrooms easily found because a lot of the gas stations inside will be closed too. The best part if you are driving the cops on the road, if you even see any, are much more lenient and forgiving. I travel 5 hours from Blacksburg to Portsmouth every Christmas Day and I have never seen any cops.

Whatever you decide to do, where you go or how you get there I hope you all have a very safe trip and be careful. Remember the most important thing is spending quality time with your own friends and family.


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