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Yay!!! Your'e in!

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So excited for you to get your hands on this guide to take you to the next level! You should be receiving your download link via email any minute now (and if not, check that dang spam folder).

Hey Girl!

I'm Janel.

Your new photography business coach best pal and personal cheerleader!

I believe we all have a calling.

I believe you were meant to listen to that little voice.

I believe the world deserves to experience it.

And I believe my calling is to help you get there.


I‘m Janel. I’m a photographer, educator, and business coach. I’m also a proud mama to an 18 year old son and a 17 year old daughter, and I spend my mornings sipping coffee with a splash of creamer, cuddling with my dog in my favorite chair. But no matter how I attempt to define myself, one of the greatest joys in my life is helping fellow women define and discover themselves, and to help guide their photographic calling in life.


I hope you enjoy the guide!

Adventure Elopement and Small Intimate Wedding Photographer

Janel Alexandra Photography

Adventure, Elopement, and Small Intimate Wedding Photographer

Helping adventurous couples craft wedding days in the wild and free places of their wildest dreams. Living out my fantasy life capturing people's most important moments in natural landscapes that literally take your breath away.

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