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Waterfall Adventure Couple Session at Fenwick Mines in Catawba County, Roanoke, VA
Waterfall Adventure Couple Session at Douglas Falls in Thomas, WV
Elopement at Bald Knob Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA
Elopement at Falls Ridge Nature Preserve in Blacksburg, VA
Elopement at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA


I'm so freaking glad you're on this page because I cannot wait to meet you and create magic together! The contact form below is a little long, only because I want to serve you in the best way that I can! The more details you give me, the better so I can get to know you super well right off the bat! My hope is that you guys are ready to have a wild adventure with me when you fill out this contact form! If you missed the "INFO" page then be sure to go back and read all about the experience and the packages info so you have a better idea of what I offer before you fill out the form! Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Buffalo Mountain Adventure Couple Engagement Session in Willis, Virginia

"If You don't mind a little dirt on your dress, some tangles in your hair, and living on the wild side then hit me up, and let's make some magic!"


To BOOK YOUR SESSION please answer these few short questions so that I can get the right information sent to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Office Hours?

Mon-Fri 6am-5pm

Sat-Sun 7am-2pm

What is your response time?

Usually 1-2 hours during normal office hours

How should I contact you?

Text is good for an immediate response.

Email if the issue is not pressing and can wait 1-2 hours to receive a response.

Set up an Appointment if your issue needs to be face to face or over the phone.

Why do you not take regular phone calls during business hours?

I have a full time day job where I may not be able to answer the phone. Plus I live way out in the country where the WiFi is spotty. My house also has a metal roof which means there are exactly two places where I can actually get reception and both of them are outside. Usually when I am at home my phone will not even ring but for some reason texts will still go through.

Where am I usually at during non office hours?

I am usually hanging out with my family on an adventure, cooking dinner, catching up on my shows or reading a book. On the weekends I am mostly shooting other events.

What happens after I submit my inquiry?

You will receive a response via email. You should receive information about the type of session you are inquiring about, a proposal with pricing and details included where you can retain your spot, and a scheduler to secure the date and time that you want, along with other helpful information on how to prepare for your session, styling guide, etc.

What types of sessions do I offer?

On my home page you can find a collage of pictures with the types of sessions I offer with links to more information about each kind.

Am I available on a certain date?

When you fill out the inquiry it asks if you have a certain date in mind. If I am not available on that specific date at that time I will reach out to see if you are a little flexible about the date. 

What are my travel fees?

I charge $50 per 100 miles outside of my 50 mile radius.

Where can i find info on sessions, packages, what to expect, etc.?

On my Experience page you will find all the info you about all of those things.

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