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Adventure Elopement and Small Intimate Wedding Photographer

Oh hey there....
i'm janel

I am an adventure couple and elopement photographer who loves travel, eat fried food, pajamas, and reading!

Adventure Elopement and Small Intimate Wedding Photographer

On a typical day, you can find me sitting on the couch in my pajamas with the dog curled up next to me. There’s likely an episode of Friends or New Girl on in the background while I work hard on this big dream of mine! I’m an adventurous spirit who wishes that traveling was free because I would never stay in one place. One of my favorite dreams is to build a tiny house on wheels and go travel the United States. I am also a homebody who loves the quiet and peace of being all alone. My dreams and goals are always changing as I grow into the person I want to be.

"Always try to be better than the person you were yesterday"


I get so excited when I capture those raw and real moments (money shots) because communicating emotions through images is my jam. My incredibly supportive adult children are the reason for this business, they have always encouraged me to let my creativity serve others. So, you won’t be surprised to find that you’ll be laughing and smiling during most of your session, and, hopefully, feeling the same looking back on your final gallery. I adore those heart-skip-a-beat moments, the posed and unposed, the real and the authentic, and all of the candid and passionate parts of you.

We will likely be hugging by the end of the day and planning our next coffee date because this is so much more to me than just a business exchange. This experience is about making sure you know you are cared for through every step of the process. This is trust, vulnerability, and authenticity. I am so thankful you’ve taken the time to learn more about me. I hope you’ve found a home in some of my words here, and I am so excited to hear more about you and what you’re looking for.

Mountain Path

Let's go on an adventure

Just to name a few!


sonic ice
fried foods
natural light
oversized sweaters
clients turned friends
Fun Adventure Elopement and Small Intimate Wedding Photographer in the Mountains

99 Times I've seen Friends

2 Hours of puppy snuggles a day

14 Cups of coffee/week

14 states visited

2 Countries visited

Heyyyy Friends, 
     Here are some more fun facts about me just so you feel like you already know me on the day of your session.
     Photography is my first love. The minute I picked up a camera I started to see the world through a whole new perspective. However, it wasn't until I started my business and photographing other people's love stories that my soul came alive. I realized how big the world truly is and how every person's story is beautiful..
     I am always curled up in a corner with a good book. I am a total book nerd and read over 50 books a year. I read for fun, knowledge, and growth. I also really love researching things I am interested in. I am most known for my OCD and super organizing skills. I love everything to be in its place all the time. Yes some people have called me a bit of a control freak. People refer to me as mountain momma because I am originally from Portsmouth, Va which is in Tidewater (near Virginia Beach). Several years ago we moved to Blacksburg and I am truly embracing the mountain/country life. Growing up in the city I somehow always knew I belonged in the country with wide-open spaces to roam. On the weekends and summer days, I am usually making the best of nature and exploring new areas. Always keeping my eyes open for new secluded photoshoot spots. I do have big dreams of one day making the big move to the west coast with all the beautiful landscapes and cooler climates.
     I am a single mom with two adult children who are my life. It has been quite a journey with them. I honestly wouldn't have had it any other way. They have taught me so much about life, who I am, and who I am not. They have truly made my life a different kind of experience. 
     I hope you have learned some fun things about me and really feel more like we are close friends now. I seriously cannot wait to meet you and I am just so happy that you have landed here on my page. It almost feels like destiny!

Adventure Senior Waterfall Session at Falls of Hills Creek in HIllsboro, WV

My firstborn is my son Trey. It has been such a journey trying to raise this boy into a man. Being a woman I don't always understand the things he needs from me but I try really hard. He is so freaking smart. He is one of those people who doesn't have to try hard, he is just great at everything he does. It comes so easy to him I get really jealous of that. He is so energetic, always going hard with some type of physical activity. One of my favorite things about him is how fearless he can be of the unknown. Like the time he climbed to the top of an abandoned Shiloh for a picture. He has challenged me more than anybody else on this Earth, and we have both grown so much through the years, together. My life would seriously not be the same without him and for that I am forever thankful!

My girl Trinity is a firecracker. She really keeps me on my toes. She is funny and has the kindest heart. She really throws all her effort into the things that she loves. Did I mention how beautiful she is? Trinity loves lounging and relaxing. Me and her can binge a whole series in a weekend when hanging out. Whenever I have to get up and go she is right there with me. Our relationship is very easy because we are so much alike that we really get each other without trying. She really is my best friend. A lot of you might have met her at photoshoots with me, sometimes she tags along because she has taken an interest in the photography business. I call her my little protege. She also helps me out at mini sessions by directing people and making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. I am very thankful to have her in my life!

Portrait Session at Crosspointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, VA
Senior Session at the New River in Blacksburg, VA

Bentley is my third child! He is a hot mess, but we love him dearly. I would say adopting Bentley is one of the best things I ever did. He has brought the whole family so much joy, just in the way he loves us so unconditionally. He has the biggest personality out of any dog I have ever met. Don't get me wrong, the small dog syndrome in him will come out and he barks at everything that moves or makes noise. On the flip side, he is scared of a leaf falling from a tree. He loves being outside more than anything. He loves to swing and going bye-bye is his absolute favorite. We have taught him a bunch of tricks which he learns so fast. Really he would do anything for a treat. He has been the best addition to our family and made us all complete. 

Pet Session in Blacksburg, VA

My Love of All Things Nature...

Has led to me finally being able to open my own Landscape Fine Art Print Shop. 

I am so happy to be able to share it all with you. My main goal is to brighten up the rooms in your house with my prints, inspire everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors, and fill everyone with wanderlust to love the outdoors and nature as much as I do.

Enjoy 20% for the week of the opening by using the code: EARLYBIRD

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