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Adventure Couple Session at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, NC

For the Photographer

Tools on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

Adventure Elopement and Small Intimate Wedding Photographer

Janel Eure
Photographer and Business Coach

I am a self taught photographer and entrepreneur. That means I had to learn everything the hard way. My goal is to share the knowledge I have accrued for a reasonable price so you don't have to work as hard. After all isn't that what it's all about anyways? More time with our friends and family at the end of the day. I know that's why I work so hard! I hope you find these things helpful!

Janel Alexandra Photography

The Yearly Planner

If you take the time to sit down and actually do the work you will see a few things happen.


You are going to be assured going into the next year, everything will be planned out in advance, you will be able to do check ins throughout the year to make sure you are still on track, swerve when you are not, and be so much more fulfilled.


You will be more at ease with yourself and have more time for all those self-care things you keep putting off. Finding more time to spend with family and friends. That all feels like a huge win to me, the trick is you have to actually do the work.

In this planner I will cover

Yearly Planner for Photographers

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Fall Couple Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA

The Client Relationship Manager

Want to track all the numbers and things that matter for finding the bottom line in your business but don't know where to start? Maybe you do know where to start but your creative self is looking for a more cohesive way to do it all in one place.


This Client Relationship Manager Spreadsheet is just the thing for you! Not only does it track everything you need and more but it does it all in one spreadsheet and it's pretty! Time to stop making excuses and start putting in the work to get to the bottom of your business numbers. This will help you tremendously in putting numbers into your end of the year planner and setting realistic goals for the next year. Knowing where your business is currently is the only way to figure where you are having a breakdown in your business so you can make minor changes to become more successful in the future.


This spreadsheet tracks everything but the kitchen sink! It keeps track of all the data you should be monitoring in your daily business. It has a helpful setup page so that it is completely customizable for the types of sessions you do and promos you offer. You can even input the different social media you use and key performance indicators that you want to keep track of. It even includes a time clock so that you can keep track of the hours you work and where the most hours are spent.

This Client Relationship Manager Tracks Everything!

Image by Carlos Muza

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Adventure Elopement at Bald Knob Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA

The Style Guides

These guides are the perfect way to level up your clients customer service experience. They also streamline your business making it easy to have more free time with your loved ones.

All the guides are completely customizable with a free Canva account. You simply download the file, upload it into Canva, add your pictures and text, update the colors to match your branding, and download the PDF form. Then you have a beautiful guide to use again and again for all your clients.


I personally like to make a master copy with all of my options. Then I make a copy of that master copy and delete all the options that don't apply to my individual client. That way they only get what they need and are not overwhelmed. The bonus is you don't have to make a separate guide for each set of options.

Check out the different guides I offer to level up your customer service experience!

Image by Clarisse Meyer

I want to buy the guides, and level up my customer service  this year.

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Fall Couple Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA

Coming soon...

  • Seasonal Guides

  • Dubsado Form Templates

  • Prompt Posing Cards

  • Preset and Brushes

  • Mini Session Templates

Stay Tuned! You can join the email list for updates as these things roll out. 

Small Intimate Wedding at Draper Chapel in Draper, VA
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