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Thinking Of Eloping? Here are some fun facts | Virginia Elopement Photographer

Adventure Elopement at Falls Ridge Nature Preserve in Blacksburg, VA

Let's face it sis, this year has been so crazy! I know that any marriage plans you might have made feel like they are up in the air. The only thing that people can guarantee you right now is uncertainty. There has never been a greater time to explore all your options to make sure that you get the day you deserve. With all these life changing events happening more and more people have been taking marriage back to the basics. It really is such a beautiful thing the joining of two souls to go through every up and down of life together. The day should mean more than having a huge party with family and friends. It should be about more you than old traditions that don't even serve you anymore. It should be about the two of you, the two who will still be standing when the dust settles.

So are you thinking of eloping? This is what eloping means to me. I think an elopement is a very intimate ceremony that is intricately designed for the bride and groom to have everything you want on your special day and nothing that you don’t. This can take any form you want it to with a specific set of activities and locations. An elopement can include a small number of family (up to 10) at the ceremony or it can be just the two of you on a cliffside. The possibilities are beautiful and endless. It throws away all the rules, gets rid of any production or performance. Literally the epitome of not being stressful. Simply the beautiful connecting of two souls with no fuss. More flexibility with dates and times because you don’t have to book a venue, plus your photographer literally becomes your wedding planner. Just a custom fit experience to last a lifetime worth of memories. Isn’t that what it’s all about, It is your day after all.

Intimacy. Authenticity. “Just us” Experience. Intention. Less Drama. Value Experience. Less stress and anxiety. Amazing, unique, once in a lifetime photos.

This is your day and can literally be designed to suit your every want. It can look like whatever you want it to. You can get married on a cliff, in your fav brewery, downtown, just anywhere that actually means something special to the both of you. Think of your favorite places and anywhere beautiful that you want to visit but haven't yet.

For instance let's say that you are the adventurous type and love to hike with you fiance. Then let me paint what your day could look like. Keep in mind you can substitute anything you want. You and your fiance love camping and backpacking so you decide to hike to a beautiful location and camp for the night. In the morning you wake up with the sun and unzip your tent. The beautiful scene you see when looking out the opening is just so beautiful. Your photographer shows up right on time. While drinking your on the go coffee you both start to prepare and get dressed. I am running around capturing all the details so you don't miss a thing. Your fiance is standing on the cliff looking out over, you slowly walk up and tap him on the shoulder. He turns around with tears of joy in his eyes while I capture all the first loo shots and emotions of the moment. We all prepare to hike out along the trail as I follow behind and capture the love shared between you.

Adventure Elopement at Bald Knob Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA

When we make it up to the cliff top finally for the ceremony. The background behind you is the most beautiful spot looking out on the Blue Ridge Mountains. You two share your vows and pledge your life to each other. We stop in this open meadow to have a packed picnic lunch. You have brought wine and cheese to share making this moment even more special.

We get up and hike just a little further until we finally reach the second location this beautiful, rushing waterfall. The photos that we take at this location are seriously to die for. We sit and just take in the beauty for a bit while I lag back and let you two have some alone. There is something so serene about the power of sitting in front of a waterfall.

Elopement at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA

We head out for the final location back at the beginning. Here you two will be camping in your tent again. We go ahead and set up all the camping gear before we lose the light. As the sun is setting over the mountains we capture the most beautiful silhouette pictures. Then you two change into more casual clothes while I build a nice fire. When you both get done I have the Smores all set up for you. We finish out the day with sticky kisses and stray sparks from the fire.

It was a perfect day and we only did the things that you wanted to. This is a day you will remember forever you might as well make it meaningful. It doesn't get much more meaningful than an adventure. You truly can make your adventure look like whatever you want it to look like. I would love to help you with all the tips and guide you along the way. I know together we can create the day of your dreams.


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