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Mommy-n-Me Session at Carvin's Cove in Roanoke, Va


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Hey Friend! If you don't already know I am Janel

I am also a single mom with two teenagers who certainly keep me on my toes! I think having watched them grow up from babies it makes me super appreciate capturing all the moments when they are young. I know every parent with young kids thinks they would just love for their children to be able to do some things on their own but you really will miss them being young. Times when their head smelled like baby lotion when they started walking and still needed your help when they started talking and sounded so dag on cute! The times go by so fast it's easy to miss them as they are happening. As time wears on it is also super easy to forget some of the times you shared with them. I truly believe in the importance of capturing pictures all along the way. I also believe that one day you won't be here anymore and your kids will want to see you, hopefully, you got into some pictures along the way to help them reminisce.

Fall Family Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA
Fall Family Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice”
― Robert Frank

Fall Family Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA

What is a Family Session and
What does one look like with me?

I think a family session should be more than just a bunch of people staring at a camera saying "CHEESE". I love using prompts to get families to interact with each other. I love capturing the candid, real-life, showing emotional stuff. Let's be real for a minute... When a photographer says "CHEESE" how does that make you FEEL?  I wouldn't assume that it would bring you joy. If anything when you have littles and you are trying to get them to all stand still and smile at the camera at the same time, would just really stress you out.

Let's face it, kids were made to roam, explore and be wild. Why should we try to stifle that from them? I think we should embrace who they are and capture that in pictures. After all the years have passed, and all the kids are grown, their actions and genuine laughter are going to be what you miss the most.

Life is crazy, chaotic and beautiful and I think memories should reflect that. Expect lots of fun. Lots of laughs. Lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles. Whether booking a mini session or a full lifestyle session, I'm so excited for you to consider me to document this special time in your lives. I can guarantee you that having your family photographed in an authentic, lifestyle-like approach will help you hold on to these moments.  I know how stressful having your family photographed can be, and I'm here to help make it a fun experience, but I'm committed to telling your family story as honest as I can, and how crazy it may seem ; )

I also know that no two families are the same and that is why I try to pick locations for each  family that reflect who they really are. we live in one of the most beautiful areas in Virginia so it's not hard to find a beautiful location that reflects each families personality.

I also offer several different packages since I know that different families need different types of sessions. I know that some families would rather be photographed in the intimate setting of their home so that you capture all the details that went into making it a home. These are also precious memories you will wish you had one day. Even if your house is not a photo from Pinterest... That is NOT the norm! You and your'e precious family are the norm.

Some families are super close and really big and that is why I offer Heirloom family sessions. This includes the extended family as well! No matter what you are looking for I know we can find just the right package for you and your family.

P.S. I cannot wait to get to know you.

Fall Family Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA
Family Session at Crosppointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, VA

Family Packages

“The memories we make with our family is everything”

–Candace Cameron Bure

I love doing family sessions! There is something so magical about capturing a family in the moment of them interacting with each other. I find each family dynamic to be so completely different and love getting to watch them and get to know them. 


Family Session

These sessions include immediate family members only. I really love small intimate family sessions where I can capture the connection between family members.

  • Up to 1 Hour Session

  • 30 High-Resolution Images

  • Private Online Gallery

  • Print Release

  • Location of Choice

  • Location Scouting

  • Personalized Location Guide

  • 1 Outfit

  • Styling Advice and Inspiration

  • Personalized Client Portal

PRICE $300.00

Family Session at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA

Lifestyle sessions are so cool. They basically take your everyday lives and capture it giving you beautiful memories that you wouldn't normally get because you are so busy living. These are the moments you will want to remember later in life!

“My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what’s important to me.”
–Michael Imperioli

Coffee Break

Lifestyle Session

Newborn Lifestyle Session in Christiansburg, VA

Lifestyle sessions are just that, they show off your lifestyle. These are taken at your home, in your yard, or even at the park while playing.

  • Up to 90 Minute Session

  • 50 High-Resolution Images

  • Private Online Gallery

  • Print Release

  • Location of Choice

  • Location Scouting

  • Personalized Location Guide

  • 1 Outfit

  • Styling Advice and Inspiration

  • Personalized Client Portal

PRICE $325.00

“Where there is family, there is love.”

These Heirloom sessions are about capturing the whole family, even extended. These are great for people with huge families that want everyone in the pictures. Such a great way to add those showstopper photos to your walls.

Bridal Bouquet

Heirloom Session

These sessions include all the extended family you want. Family reunions are a great time to schedule these since the whole family is already together.

  • Up to 2 Hour Session

  • 70 High-Resolution Images

  • Private Online Gallery

  • Print Release

  • Location of Choice

  • Location Scouting

  • Personalized Location Guide

  • 1 Outfit

  • Styling Advice and Inspiration

  • Personalized Client Portal

PRICE $500.00

Heirloom Family Session at Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, VA
Child Session at Hahn Horticulture Garden, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA

When will the session take place?

I love to shoot families when the sun is working to my advantage, so usually during golden hour. In summer this means evenings work best, but in the spring and fall, both early mornings and evenings may be possible! I even book sessions in the winter (with snow!!) so if that is something you are interested in, don't hesitate to ask about scheduling for that! They are so much fun!For any of the lifetime sessions, I generally try to schedule in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is the highest. That way we get as much natural light as possible if the session is in your home.

Family Session at Crospointe Conference Center in Christiansburg, VA
Fall Family Session at the Charlottesville Reservoir in Charlottesville, VA

Location, Location, Location

I love to shoot in a variety of settings and have favorite spots always picked out, and I am finding new locations constantly. If you have a certain preference as to the location setting, I will do my best to accommodate that. I generally ask clients to give me a brief description of their family using three words. Then I tell them to give me the feeling they are wanting for the session. After I get this info I will give some options that I think will work great to capture that. They will come in a personalized location guide.

If you have a certain location in mind that is absolutely fine with me just let me know upfront. I also usually give a small discount when a family introduces me to a new location so don't be afraid to think outside of the box.

There is a travel fee for any session that takes place more than 50 miles from my location in Blacksburg. Inquire to find out more information. Mini Session Days will always be in a pre-selected location.

Family session at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond in Blacksburg, VA
Family Session at Heritage Park in Blacksburg, VA

Other Tips...

A few other tips to help the session run smoothly...

  • Relax! You may be stressed out and worried that your kids are going to cry, have no interest, or pull out their stranger-danger faces. But if you set the tone for your family that this will be a fun, relaxed, stress-free session, your kids will feel that vibe too.

  • I'll get a few "everyone smile and look at the camera" shots, but if you've looked at my work (hopefully you have) you'll see that I love to capture authentic, honest family moments, and that's usually achieved when having fun and just playing and loving on your kids!

  • Bringing snacks with you may help should your child need extra incentives, but only use them if they are needed! If you do bring snacks make sure they aren't sticky or make a mess. A great example to bring would be mini marshmallows or cheerios.

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