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6 Misconceptions people have about photography

The world is taken over with photographers. Anyone with a camera or even a fancy smartphone these days can be considered a photographer. I think it is wonderful that so many people can show the world their creative sides. It takes everything to a whole new level of brilliance. That being said I wanted to talk about 6 of the most know misconceptions that people have about photography. These will apply to those who want to be photographers and also those wanting to have their pictures taken.

1. Photography ruins the moment for the photographer- I can see how sometimes this would be the case. When you run around with a camera covering your face waiting to capture the right moment you may miss all the little ones in between. I feel like personally it’s easier for me to see it all behind the camera because I am more comfortable back there. Plus when you get the photo you were waiting for now you will have it to enjoy for much longer. That single emotion captured in a frame that will take you instantly back to that moment.

2. You don't need to learn anything, the camera will do it all for you-This could not be further from the truth. Yes a good camera will let you shoot in automatic but it will not get you those shots with the blurred out background. It will not let you freeze the motion of water to get those beautiful shots. You have to learn and study and practice to get good at knowing how to make the camera to work for you. It can be done but it does take effort and lots of it.

3. You need an expensive camera- If I had a dollar for everytime someone said “I’m going to buy a camera like yours…it takes good pictures.” Photography is just like anything else, if you put time and effort into it you will get more out of it. Don’t get me wrong a better camera will take better pictures than one not as good. However, someone who learned how to use the mediocre camera they have will take better pictures than someone just shooting in automatic on a better camera. There is so much knowledge you have to learn behind the scenes and its like a foreign language when you first begin.

4. Cloudy, rainy days are bad for photography- Sometimes rainy days make for the best pictures. When the sky is overcast it can lead to better skin tones, less glares and shorter shadows. Plus places where you likely take pictures will generally be way less crowded. Sometimes the rain brings cool looking stormy skies, low laying fog and other aspects that make for really cool photographs.

5. Portraits are only for special occasions only- In this day in age when everything is so fast paced I want to take more effort to remember all the small in between moments. Those are the special times that will really count when you get older. I say make every moment count but what is the use making it count if you won’t remember it?

6. Photographs are a frivolous purchase - You know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words?" It is really true, especially the ones that capture true emotions… those are the best. Feelings will last a lot longer than memories and those you are able to capture in picture form will last forever.

I say if you are interested in learning to be a good photographer, get out there and practice. The more the better. Just let your creative flow. You don’t have to be like everyone else to have fun with it. Don’t get caught up and compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Also, don’t buy into the hype that you can just pick up a camera and become Ansel Adams, even he had to learn. Just respect the process and you will do just fine.


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