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8 Ways to get awesome photos at your sessions

Fall Family Session at the Charlottesville Reservoir in Charlottesville, VA

We all should know by now that the most important part of picking a photographer is finding one that can vibe with you and your energy. Well, part of having fun at your session will hugely depend on if you choose a photographer that is like you, and trust me you should be able to have fun. We aren’t going to cover all the things that are the photographer's job in this article. Instead, we are going to talk about 10 ways for you to be prepared to have fun no matter what. Here are ways to get awesome photos at your sessions.

Fall Family Session at the Charlottesville Reservoir in Charlottesville, VA

The thing you will most remember when you look at your photos is how you felt when you took them, not if your hair was all down and straight. If you want to feel fun when you look at your photos you will have to have fun taking them. I know that sounds hard to do in an awkward situation like this, and that is why I am going to give you these tips on how to have fun at yours. So let’s go ahead and dive in.

1. Relax- There is no need to be super serious or get awkward. I am sure you have done so many more things that give cause for anxiety-like say public speaking or presentations. This is not a life-or-death decision you have to make. Just show up and be yourselves, you will do great!

2. Check Photographers Experience Page- Most photographers these days have a section on their page where they talk about what the experience of being at a photo session with them will look and feel like. This is a great place to make sure that you know what kind of photographer they are. I don’t mean like a wedding photographer, maternity, etc. I mean more like are they fun and outgoing, do they just hold the camera and expect you to interact naturally, are they going to strategically pose you and make you look at the camera and say cheese, are they going to feed you a bunch of prompts and direct you along the way? Perks the article will tell you what to expect which will take away some anxiety.

3. Bring your Dog- I know this sounds counterintuitive but dogs have a way of lighting the mood and putting people at ease. Don’t worry if they are barking in between shots…They are dogs that is what they do. They are also really good at doing something silly or sweet at just the right time which can break up any anxiety and make you forget what you are doing.

4.Be prepared to get flirty- Yes it is your photographer's job to lead you throughout your session but you can be extra prepared by knowing what we are looking for. It’s simple -connection. A good way to seem connected to each other during a session is to always be touching each other. That seems simple enough, right? Get super handsy with each other, always rubbing, holding hands, inching closer. These are all super easy and simple.

5. Movement- This is another one of those things that can make photos come alive. It’s another simple thing you can do. We love incorporating movement into photos because it brings them to life. You don’t have to be running the entire time. It can be just small movements like swaying back and forth, playing with each other's hands, swinging your dress around with your hand. These are all some beautiful ways to add that extra something to your photos.

6. Wind- I know that you think the wind should be completely still and all your hairs lay in the exact spot they started in but man isn’t that boring. Let the wind take your hair and embrace it by walking into it and towards it. Let it whip you around. Definitely no matter what you do, don’t reschedule if it is windy. That can make for some super emotion in pictures.

7. Embrace storms- Stormy skies tell a great story. They add so much depth and character to the backgrounds where it really just draws you in. Just because the sky looks stormy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to rain. Don’t try to reschedule your appointment a week ahead of time because the app on your phone looks like rain. A lot of times here in Virginia the weather can change in just an instant. I normally wait until about an hour before a session to really decide if I am going to reschedule or not. If it isn’t pouring down rain I say let’s go ahead and shoot anyways.

8.Don’t be afraid to get silly- Let go of your inhibitions and embrace your younger self. There is something so freeing about not caring what others think about what you are doing or how you look. When you are able to let go and truly be yourself that is when the real magic can happen. These are the moments you truly want to live forever on your walls and in your hearts.

At the end of the day, you should be able to fully relax and trust your photographer is going to capture something beautiful and magical. Some of the things they ask you to do might seem a little weird or off but I promise they know what they are doing. If they say it looks good then just give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? You feel a little strange for a few minutes.

Fall Family Session at the Charlottesville Reservoir in Charlottesville, VA

Fall Family Session at the Charlottesville Reservoir in Charlottesville, VA

Fall Family Session at the Charlottesville Reservoir in Charlottesville, VA

Well, I hope you will be able to use these tips in your next section I just know that they will make all your photos come to life and help to create the kind of memories that you want to not only remember but also hang on your wall. Now if you want to talk about scheduling a session on the fly for whenever the weather has all the right conditions then I am all down for doing a session on the fly to make some beautiful emotional pictures.


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