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How to find the right photographer for you...

Finding a photographer in this oversaturated market can be as daunting as trying to purchase toothpaste these days. I mean seriously who needs that many options? There are a few things you should keep in mind while finding your family photographer. It is important to find someone who will be around while your family grows. That will make you laugh and relax instead of feeling nervous and uncomfortable. A photographer your children are comfortable around so they can be themselves. Someone you can call a friend and feels more like family then a stranger with a camera.

I think you should start by finding a photographer that is within your budget. There are a lot of things that go into making a good family photograph so it is generally on the more expensive side. But you cannot put a price on your memories, that will someday get harder and harder to remember. It is important to have cherished memories printed out.

You will want to search for a photographer who has a specialty in the field that you are wanting pictures in. For instance, you wouldn't call a plumber to re-wire your house. No, you would call an electrician for that instead. So why would you call a wedding photographer to do your precious newborn session. It is easy to wear many hats when it comes to photography but its kind of like being a doctor. They have to learn all the skills in school, then they decide what they like best and further their studies in that field. Just make sure you choose one suited for your need.

One of the most important things is their photographic style because let's face it, if you do not like their pictures of other people, you will not like them of your family either. There are many different editing styles form dark and moody, clean and crisp, or bright and airy. These all just boil down to your personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer. The beauty of people having freedom of thought is they get to decide what they like and don't.

Once you find that style that speaks to your soul, then you should consider what type of photographer they are, do they have a studio or shoot on location? Some people prefer a polished indoor session while others prefer taking in the scenery as a natural backdrop. Some photographers are more adventurous than others and will hike miles for a secluded waterfall location, while others may only be interested in places they can walk to from the parking lot. Some may even travel to the far ends of the earth while others prefer to stay in their hometown. Whatever look you are interested in just make sure the photographer is willing to meet you half way.

Another huge thing to consider is if you have pets who are a treasured part of the family. Will the photographer be willing to accommodate them? They might just seem like a four legged critter to some, but to you they are a huge part of your family. More like the glue that holds it all together. Some photographers are okay and encourage you to bring your pets to the session and even offer to take some photos of just them. Other people may have fear of dogs or allergies even. Something to consider.

Sometimes, looking at reviews or even word of mouth can be huge. You will want someone who is friendly, client focused and has great customer service. The way people make you feel will stay with you forever, so choose someone who makes you feel good about yourself. You would think that anyone in this business would have to have all these qualities to even consider starting. However, I am telling you that is not always the case. You want someone who is going to remain the same from the start to the finish. Not someone who just wants to get you on the hook, take your money and then change the way they act towards you. A good photographer will listen to you and your ideas, help you pick out the outfits for your family, walk you through the process step by step, guide you at the session. They continue to help through the process of editing and choosing your photos all the way to the point when the finished product gets delivered.

Last but not least you need to consider if you are just looking for digital files or a full service photography business. What are you getting the pictures for? To post all over social media so your friends can swoon over them, do you want to fill those empty spots on your walls with beautiful canvases, or perhaps you are getting pictures done as a present for someone else and want to get them printed in a beautifully bound album to set on their coffee table. Many photographers offer different pricing, products, and services. You can always search their website or inquire to find out more about what these might be.

I hope this will help you to find the perfect photographer to fit in with you and your tribe. There are many options but with a little help and knowledge of the field I am sure you will make a good decision. If all that fails just follow your gut instinct! It will help you so much because when it feels right, it usually is.


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