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Wardrobe Styling for Photo Sessions

Okay so you have finally got around to scheduling that session and now you have to pick out all of these outfits… Feel overwhelmed yet? If you are anything like me this is the hardest part of the photo session. I have put together a few tips to help you out and take some of the stress away concerning outfits. Let's take a dive into how to do wardrobe styling for photo sessions. So here ya go…

Have you ever thought about rocking a romantic gown, tulle skirt or flower crown? A photo session is a perfect excuse to rock any of these things and can add so much flair to a photo session. There is really no such thing as too dressed up for a session! Wear that fun oversized hat that’s flirty and playful. You don’t have to dress like the everyday norm, that can be so boring. Now let me break it down individually for women, men and children. You will learn everything you need to know about getting dressed for a photo session after this article.


Seriously say yes to the dress. Dresses and long skirts really do flatter every female body. Long, full-length, flowy dresses are so awesome because they add a lot of movement which helps your photos to not look flat. Softer fabrics will add even more movement. Shorter dresses while super cute might not work as well for session with little ones since I will have you sitting down, then standing up, and bending down to their level a lot.

For maternity I do highly recommend floor length gowns or a maxi dress for at least one of your outfits. These create a great sihlouette to flatter your figure. Every woman has an area of her body that she is self-confident about. Picking clothes that cover that area will surely help you feel and look more confident, which will help you love your photographs and the way you look in them.

A few tips to help with that are wearing three- quarter length sleeves to create a slimming effect in your arms. If you are wearing a dress you could find a cute jacket, sweater or cardigan that came three-quarter length to add layers which also adds dimension. Skinny straps or a strapless dress have the opposite effect so avoid them if you are aiming for slimmer looking arms. Heels elongate women’s legs, just be careful some locations require a bit of walking so be sure to bring some flats to wear in between shots. Closed toed heels look especially great carrying the line of the leg al the way to the toe. If you are planning on wearing open toed shoes, go ahead and splurge to get yourself a pedicure! Your feet will thank you for the luxurious treatment.

Accessories are a great way to accentuate an outfit or tie outfits together. Belts, bracelets, and big earrings are a super fun add on to any outfit.

When doing your hair and make-up consider getting it done professionally You will feel great and take away a ton of stress by worrying about one less thing. Whether you get a lash boost or blown out hair it can be a great confidence booster which will look fabulous on camera. If you skip the salon there are a ton great inexpensive artists out there starting out. Here are a few of my favs…


Long fitted jeans or pants and closed toe shoes are the most sophisticated and masculine look for men. They draw attention to your handsome face, right where you want it. So it’s best to leave the shorts and sandals at home for this one, as well as any pants that are loose or baggy. Fitted dress pants, jeans or fitted slacks work best on camera. Solid shades of gray or navy are a strong compliment to most women’s outfits. I also highly recommend staying away from all graphics and logos.

Layered looks are great for men! So even when it’s hot outside you might want to consider layering your outfit. It brings dimension and visual interest to the photos. Blazers, vests, coats and even V-neck sweaters with a pop of color are all great options. This is also a great option for sessions with more than one outfit to keep it easy for him to switch it up on location.

Mix up the colors of the top and bottoms to help break up color tones. Such a fresh take on a timeless classic. Ties, bowties, pocket squares, colored socks, belts, suspenders, vests and watches are sharp compliments to any outfit. See guys can have fun accessorizing also. Also, a great way to tie in the color of the woman's dress or other accent color.


What looks best on camera is when the pieces all coordinate but don’t match. Avoid trying to match everyone perfectly and instead think about what goes together. This will add depth, visual interest and let everyone’s own personality and style shine through.

The goal in coordinating is to visually break up the colors and shades so you are not all wearing the same color on the top and bottom. The more you mix it up the better. Plan each outfit with dominant and accent colors in mind. A dominant color is what you see the most in the outfit. While an accent color is seen in smaller portions throughout the outfit.

When planning each family members outfit try to aim for each person to have a different dominant color and then tie it all together with varying degrees of the accent colors. For example: If you are wearing a blush dress, soft blue earrings and nude heels, then blush is your dominant color. Hubby could wear a navy coat with a white button down shirt and gray pants, paired with brown shoes. Navy is his dominant color, he could wear a blush tie or pocket square to accent. Your daughter could wear a soft blue top with a white tulle skirt-making soft blue her dominant color. Your son could wear light beige pants with navy suspenders and a white button down making white his dominant color. Now each person has their own dominant color while still incorporating a few touches of other’s that really pulls the whole look together. This will break up the color visually and highlight each personality.

It’s easier for the mom to choose an outfit she loves and then build the others around it. Remember to select softer tones and avoid bright, bold colors. That softer color palette fits beautifully in a natural environment and can be easily paired.

If you have multiple children, do not feel you need to put them all in the same type of outfit. For instance, one daughter could wear a dress and flats, the other could wear a skirt and boots. One son could wear a bowtie and the other suspenders. This makes everything look cohesive without over matching.

I hope this makes you feel not only more comfortable about picking out so many outfits but also excited to see where you can mix and match. The possibilities are truly endless. If you still feel a little overwhelmed reach out to me and I can help with every step of the way.


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