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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to go over all the frequently asked questions I get to answer them for you now!

1) - How much does a session cost?

From the link you can pick the type of session you are interested in to find out more details about the price and what is included in each session!

2) - What is the turnover time?

Two weeks during the months of January - August and three weeks during the months of September - December due to this being the busy season. For weddings and elopements the turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

3) - When can I see a Sneak Peek?

You will see at least one sneak peek within one week. I post on both Instagram and Facebook so make sure you are following each page so that I can tag you in the photos.

4) - When is payment due?

If there is a deposit required you will need to pay that immediately to hold your spot. For all other payment is due upon the date of the actual session.

5) - What forms of payment do you accept?

For deposits I will send an invoice with the options to pay with Paypal or Stripe out of convenience for that to be paid immediately. For all other payments I accept cash or checks written out to Janel Alexandra Photography. You can also use the previous invoice link to pay with your card.

6) - How many photos will I get it?

All full sessions will receive 25+ high resolution digital images in a password protected online gallery. This does also depend on the type of session you book. 25+ is the minimum number of photos you will receive. For mini session the number of images will be listed on the advertisement. For wedding and elopement sessions it will depend on the amount of time you book me for. You can also see more info about each session in this link:

7) - How do I print my images?

I do give every customer a print release form to print the pictures as you wish. However, I cannot guarantee the colors or quality if you go to a place like Walmart. I have conveniently added options to your album where you can order prints as well as canvas, metal, wood and other mediums that I can guarantee the quality. I also give advice in the after session email for other printing options.

8) - What is the difference between a family and an heirloom session?

A family session includes; Mom, Dad, and their children.

A heirloom session includes any family members other than the above listed immediate family. For instance, you want to include your parents, siblings, cousins... etc

Family Session:

9) - How do I prepare for my session?

Here are some of the blog pieces that I have written to help you prepare for your sessions, know what to expect, and walk confidently into your next session!

10) - When should I schedule my maternity session?

I have written a whole blog dedicated to maternity sessions. The thing to remember is to get in the sweet spot you want to be pregnant enough for your belly to be nice and round but not so pregnant that you are uncomfortable. Here is a blog for some extra info on the topic:

11)- How can I subscribe to your email list?

I hope you find this all very helpful. I am always just a message away if you have any questions and would love to answer them for you. I cannot wait to meet you all!

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